193 | The WWE Superstar Shake-Up and in-depth WWE Ratings Discussion | 04/24/19

This week, Nick and Vaughn discuss the fallout of the WWE Superstar Shake-Up on both RAW and SmackDown Live now that we've had the first two shows of the new brands since the talent exchange.
What's the deal with The Viking Raiders and all the name changes? The Viking Experience? Really? What was wrong with War Raiders? The guys discuss that issue and why names absolutely mean something regardless of how "marketable" people think certain names are or aren't.
They also discuss Sasha Banks and her future with WWE. Will she be back? Why it was such a big deal to her regarding the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships and why a move to another company (*cough* AEW *cough*) could be the best possible move for her.
Or maybe a SummerSlam return to feud with Becky Lynch? Hmmm...
The guys end the show with a detailed discussion about WWE's ratings woes, why they do mean something, why they don't mean something, and what it means for FOX in the future regarding SmackDown moving to the network in October 2019.
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