Ep. 2 Unarmed Police Shootings

On the June 26, 2017 episode of The 3rd Side of the Story (T3S) Podcast, Ray Scipione, Andy Julia and Ben Mannes go in depth about the release of the dash cam video of the police shooting of Philando Castile and how the video differs from the post-shooting Facebook live video posted from the scene by his girlfriend, Diamond Whitaker.  T3S' hosts then go in depth describing the actions of Philando Castile but also St. Anthony, MN Police Officer Geronimo Yanez and how the combination of their actions, a description of another suspect, and Ms. Whitaker's actions led to the fatal shooting, the officer's being exonerated in court, and a $2.9m civil judgement.

The T3S crew looks into the story from all three perspectives and examines the corrosive effect the media has had on society as a result of inaccurate coverage by the media.