Ep. 4 Soros & the DA’s Race, w/ Beth Grossman

On the Monday, July 10, 2017 episode of The 3rd Side of the Story; the fans voted to hear us discuss the Corruption issue on Twitter. So the show brought Beth Grossman, a career prosecutor and candidate for the Philadelphia District Attorney seat vacated by the corruption conviction of Seth Williams; in studio to discuss the corruption issues from all three sides of the story.

The hosts analyze what seems to be an explosion of public corruption with Ms. Grossman, and ask her what needs to change to stop our public officials from continuing their culture of unethical governance. In addition, we speak with Ms. Grossman about her David vs. Goliath fight to level the playing field in America's most corrupt city, and her fight against an opponent who was been given millions of dollars from Billionaire radical George Soros in an effort to create a social experiment with the criminal justice system in the city with one of the highest crime rates in America.