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The Microphonies – Episode 127

The boys talk sneaking pockets, the cut-off for wearing backwards hats, the most utilitarian hat, blasting tufts, The Dead Presidential Wrestling Association, and a Greg's List where every Roseanne has its thorns.

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Episode #170: Stay Out Of The Ocean with Rob Ziccardi

Rob Ziccardi and Angelo return to the show to talk to Rick and Matt about wrestling Scott Steiner, high anxiety, ring injuries, how BLK OUT would have worked better with social media, and Blitzkrieg's Nazi gimmick and what that means to the real world and the wrestling world. Also, why wrestling means so much to...
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Funny Bits – Episode 101

On the 101st Episode of Funny Bits, LaTice, Karl and Moses had Poppa Left in the studio. He surprised them by announcing his retirement in the rap game, right off the bat! They discussed his plans for the future, how old he was when he began rapping and the messages that he gives through his...
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