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The Idiots Episode 21

The Idiots discuss Batman VS Superman as Joanne plays critic.. Ray exposes Joanne's evil ways.. Shmo gives a lesson on drugs that make you bite off penises.. Andy's love life problems.. And our product of the week "After sex Breathe spray"... ENJOY!!...
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The Brian Isley Show – Episode 04

Nick young vs D'Angelo Russell Kyrie Irving's hoe ass girlfriend White news with Andrew Fox Horrible childhood stories with Nick Piccone All this and more on episode 4 of The Brian Isley Show. Brian Isley, Maleek Kwubiri, Vaughn Johnson, Nick Piccone, Andrew Fox and Taylor Kredatus 2016 Star Corner Entertainment...
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The Microphonies – Episode 04

The boys talk about the Jesse Ventura cospiracy, Tay the racist AI, cool parents and odder teens, and list the similarities of Roxy Music songs and Yankee Candles....
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The Idiots Episode 20

The Idiots welcome Philly comics Jess Carpenter, LaTice, and Sylis P on the show! We discuss Andy Julia's meltdown/mid life crisis. The gayest "New Hygiene" products Ray Anthony stumbled into, and we say goodbye to comedy legend Gary Shandling. Plus, Shmo and Jim The Producer... Enjoy!!!...
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