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TRPE 81 “I Dont Know How To Hog Tie People”

After taking an admin week off (all 4 of you with jobs know what we mean), Chad and Matt come back with the hot fiyah for your Airpods. This week they discuss mortality, Leaving Neverland, the shit show the Lakers have become, the best actors of all time and of course The R in R&B...
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Funny Bits – Episode 121

On this episode of Funny Bits the whole crew was in the studio talking about R Kelly,  Leaving Neverland about Michael Jackson,  robots in Budapest serving food, drinks, telling jokes and chatting with customers and more. Check it out!...
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The Public John – Episode 19

John talks to South Jersey Sequion Gullett about his new book :Sale City.” Sequion reveals the title is the nickname for Salem, NJ, where the action in his novel takes place. Though not biographical, there are elements of Salem, NJ landmarks, and personality quirks of people that he knows in the story’s characters. John also...
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