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The Microphonies – Episode 67

The boys talk about Father's Day, The Mummy 2017 and why it was such a garbage fire, a Greg's List with anime and stage names, and a fan writes in about Mountain Dew.
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The Tom Gorman Show: Episode 18

Making it Rain with We Workin' Entertainment ...... DJ D ill and Dj No Chaser in studio. Gooch calls in to interview D ILL and we continue to be bad influences on the youth. And of course....... Turncoat Corner and Just the Tip with Kelly....
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Episode 24: Community Cleanup

Once again Matt & Chad dig deep into whats going on in the streets of Philly & beyond: good, bad, and ugly!!! They specifically talk about police & community relations, the Philando Castille verdict, and how we need to do a better job of policing ourselves & setting better examples for our children. Matt...

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