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Funny stuff.

The Microphonies – Episode 20

The boys talk about 71 and 17 year olds, long fingernail troubles, Panther statues, and a list of high fantasy indulgences. Joined by special guest Andrew Fox from The Crapulent!...
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The Idiots Episode 35

The Idiots welcome Russell Davis star of "Bar Rescue" on our show. He talks tequila, which makes Andy a very happy man.. Ray eats "Dater dots" and gets a brain freeze that almost takes him out. Joanne takes a survey and Shmo just sits with his teeth in his mouth. All this and Big Jim...
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Funny Bits – Episode 08

Isha & LaTice had comedian Cecily Chapman in the studio. They talked about Comedy competitions, burlesque shows w/comedians, Donald Trump and more!...
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The Microphonies – Episode 19

The boys talk about drones saving ferrets, pets, balls in a vice-grip, car trouble, corrupt park rangers, and a list of wrestling Killer Bees. Joined by guests Jeff Rundstrom senior and Jay Casey!...
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