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Funny stuff.

Funny Bits – Episode 14

LaTice had special co-host Karl Rogers in the studio this week. They talked about Chris Brown, pet peeves, and Labor day weekend and more!...
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The Microphonies – Episode 25

The boys share some hot takes on hot-cakes, 8 months in shady-old man disguises, a lack Jeff Bridges impressions, Keanu movies, confusing Jeter with Mr. 3000, and the Denny's menu....
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The Idiots Episode 40

The Idiots welcome our friends from across the pond musical guests "Calling All Astronauts"!! Shmo reads like Tonto .. "Gay Ray Texts"... Joanne rips Andy.. And BIG Jim the Producer!!! ENJOY!!!...
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Funny Bits – Episode 13

LaTice had special guest co-host Jason Pollock on this episode. They talked everything from horror films, closing ceremonies for the Olympics, and finding a date for Taylor, our producer. Check it out!...
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