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The Microphonies – Episode 49

The boys talk about popcorn, Valentine's day, a new dating app, paying for the meal on a date, people that the Microphonies hate for no reason, and a new Greg's List, because knowing is half the battle!...
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Funny Bits – Episode 33

LaTice and Karl recapped Superbowl VI, talked about the first snow storm of the winter season. Trump's Secretary of Education & Attorney General picks and more!...
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Episode 4: The Age of E-Begging

Jugging and finessing online is at an all-time high. People have been making ridiculous crowd funding requests for the last few years and Matt and Chad dive head first into some of the craziest ones they've seen. They also get into Nicki Minaj home invasion, Young Money reunion, Beyonce having twins and much about Black...

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The Microphonies – Episode 48

The boys talk about karate chopping paper, an old man robbing a bank to get away from his wife, jury duty, The Bee Movie, The Comet channel, and a candlelit Greg's List....
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