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The Public John – Episode 27

John is Live at The Alibi Room in Waterford Works, NJ, a true self-described Dive Bar, with comedians Natalie K. Levant (The Tasteless Diva) and Dan Mahon Sr as guests, as they talk about their upcoming Comedy Show on Sat. June 29th at The Alibi Room. Owner/Proprietor Jude drops by for a bit, and the group...
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The Public John – Episode 26

John chats with Mike Kenney, Deseree Kenney and Lisa Swift from Kenney Protective Agency. The gang talks about NJ Security Training Certification Classes. Personal protection and awareness, their public service careers, CPR training, etc. They also have some fun with a "Dinner of Champions" of Donuts and Shock Top Brew and John gives...

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The Public John – Episode 25

John and pal Albert Casper Jr discuss NFL, MLB, how he started his Power Washing Business, and John reviews Caddyshack, where he says it’s one of the greatest movies of all time. Listen in and find out why....
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The Public John – Episode 24

John and So. Jersey gal Deanna Glenn have fun discussing her experiences in parenting, broadcasting, and medical assistant/nursing studies. Things get serious for a few minutes, with both John and Deanna, urging folks that could be listening and feeling depressed to not be afraid to ask for help, or just talk to someone....

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