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TRPE 88 “She Said What?”

For the 88th time, Matt & Chad have come thru with the hot fire on this week’s episode of #TRPE. Today they discuss the Sixers heartbreaking Game 7 loss, Rockets annual meltdown and NBA Playoffs in depth. The main event of the show is the roundtable...
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TRPE Ep. 87 “Cinco de Maio”

Pardon our absence but the return is worth the wait. This week Matt and Chad return on schedule with friend to the show RAH to discuss Game Of Thrones, Avengers End Game, NBA Playoffs and Top 5 TV Dramas ALL TIME!!! Stay tuned til the end it gets heated when discussing the best player in...
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TRPE EP. 86 “#NNL”

Once again the Podcast Titans Matthew & Chadrick back with a major episode of your favorite piece of media. This week the guys discuss the emergence of plastic surgery in the black community, how hard it is for women to exist in present society and explore how come Niggas Never Learn. 


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This week the marathon continues on the latest edition of The Realest Podcast. Today the boys take a deep dive on the life of Nipsey Hussle, his memorial service live from the Staples Center & the amazing legacy he left behind. They also pose the questions “Why did we all sleep on Victory Lap?” And...
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