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Shop Talk – Episode 50

We managed to make it to 50 without management kicking us off the property and cancelling us!!!! Special shouts to Maleek Kwubiri and Boombox Life for doing so much to get us our shot!!! Brian Isley sits in on the episode, and assists John...
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Shop Talk – Episode 49

Gary Payne is back in the shop to break down the present and future plan for his "It Takes A Village" program. Corey Mills comes back to the studio. Amber's back to discuss her issues with the current tactics of approaching a woman to gain her...
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The Ava Graham Hour – Episode 101

Baseball season has begun! We have a baseball quizzo, 34 food items no longer around, the terrible Pepsi commercial, discovering the 'Sugar daddy and sugar baby' relationship, and Pornhub's prank....
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