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Shop Talk – Episode 25

How do we fix this??? Amir Hardcore Mansour joins the discussion to give his perspective in police relations in the inner city. Maleek Kwubiri and Mike McCoy come in and break off knowledge on current topics. Kevin smiles when he realizes HRC is gonna win. We all clown on Trump!!!! Ethan Dixon, Kevin Wilson, Taylor Kredatus ...
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The Ava Graham Hour – Episode 81

Ava Graham brings her no holds barred approach to comedy to Wildfire Radio with The Ava Graham Hour! Be sure to tune in LIVE every Thursday at 5:30pm only on Wildfire Radio...
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Shop Talk – Episode 24

Relationships are the worst!!!! Well...looks like The Love Dr. was the only person that felt that way in the studio!!! Jomar from the #muscleteam comes in to try to convince us that love still exists. JoAnnie joins us for the first time to give her faith based take on love. Dee and...
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Shop Talk – Episode 23

Today the panel tries to get to the heart of the hate issue between law enforcement and the community. Jomar from the muscleteam returns to give his opinion, and newcomer Jamie shares her view from a woman's perspective. Also, we beat...
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