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Episode 54: Mo Chedda

We are back! Fats and Buck return after a 20+ day hiatus and they are back on their BS. They discuss whats been happening with them lately, the lack of attention Fathers Day received, whats expected of men today, dating in this generation, and more! Brought to you by national credit card relief....
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Episode 53: Family Matter

his weeks episode The guys decided to switch it up a bit as they were on the other side of the interview. Abigail Henson Criminal Justice PHD candidate joined us and interviewed us to get our perspective on what it means to be a father, what’s our definition of a man, police interactions and much...
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Episode 52: Rent a Pop

This weeks episode Fats & Buck brung back some fam of the show @naim_ali & @stickychin_w1ll they discussed everything from mother appreciation, the difference between a single mom and a Mom that’s single, Donal Glover’s “this is America” video, some sports talk and much more! #PAU...
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