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Episode 69: Triple Threat

This week's episode @stickychin_w1LL @j.carrington24 and Mike joined the hot boys as we discussed multiple topics from the gift & curse of social media, are you willing to sell yourself for sex, what's taking it too far when it comes to disciplining your children, Carmelo Anthony Gate and much more! Tune in for another dope...
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Episode 67: Hot Boy Summer

WHAT IT DO BABBBYYYYYY!!!???? your favorite podcast is finally back in the studio with another dope ass episode. This week the guys touch on everything they missed out on in their absence from, Ayeesha Curry's comments, the lack of attention fathers days received, This generation of women, and they also told some embarrassing stories about...
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Episode 66: Life Hits You Fast

After a 2 week delay The guys are finally back in the studio, This week they touched on everything that occurred in their absence, Dwayne Wade and his son, and we got some sports talk in as well tune into another dope episode from your favorite podcast! #PAU...
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