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BoomBoxLife – Episode 02

Brian, Saquion and the Lifers welcome Comedian Ms Bubbles and CEO of Zoagies, Ezell Barnes to the show to discuss the BET Awards, songs they have no business liking but do anyway, and why Drake should not be mentioned in the breath as Biggie, Rakim, and Nas....
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BoomBoxLife – Episode 01

In our debut episode, Brian Isley and co host Saquion Gullett welcome BoomBoxLife illustrator Canil1000, SJ championship finalist Dave D, Artist Maleek Kwubiri and Rising comic star Chris Williams to discuss when they fell in love with hip hop. 6/22/15 BoomBoxLife Episode 01...
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THATMAG Radio – Ep01 Nik Greeley and Paul Hocynec

THATMAG Radio's debut episode on Wildfire Radio. Jodie Riccelli and Brian Cronin of THATMAG sit down with Nik Greeley (Swift Technique) and Paul Hocynec (The Caption, The Pilot, The Driver). Nik and Paul talk about their solo careers and how they are contributing to the music scene in our area. We also discuss the "Blurred Lines"...
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