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AllPro Mindset: Episode 15

Doc and Coach spoke with M. Queeni Green, pastor, author, singer, and more.  We discussed faith, hope, and self compassion.  It was an inspirational conversation reminding us all that everyday is a new day to change paths and get ourselves on point. ...
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Paradelphia Radio: Legends of the Fall, Ep. 162

Paradelphia Radio: Legends of the Fall, Ep. 162   This week it’s a tale of two shows…….or at least two show topics. In the first hour Jean Durkin, Doug Hogate and Mellie DeVault trade stories and experiences they’ve each had at Golden Lane Antiques near Gettysburg, PA. Golden Lane is owned by Barry Strohm, who was himself...
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AllPro Mindset: Episode 14

Savor the moment: Get in touch with your senses, pause, and notice what's around you. Doc and Coach spoke to Donna Fox of Jersey Girl Publications about savoring experiences on family vacations and living vicariously through others by sharing our treasured moments. ...
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