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AllPro Mindset is an exploration of the thought patterns that have helped professionals achieve success. We hope others gain inspiration from their stories.

AllPro Mindset: Episode 19

We had the opportunity to speak with Doug Easlick, former professional football player, about traversing times of uncertainty with a disciplined work ethic, visualization and the ability to embrace failure as opportunities for growth and self-compassion. ...
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AllPro Mindset – Episode 17

Life can be a rough road at times.  During those times, we have to consider ways to struggle better.  Doc and Coach talk to Joseph Mitsch, recovering addict, entrepreneur, and Vice President of Step by Step Staffing, LLC, about addictions awareness.  The focus is on having a growth mindset to move forward through the difficult...
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AllPro Mindset – Episode 16

We were fortunate to have Joe Reo, lead singer of Hidden In Plain View, discuss his journey from musician to middle school teacher. Listening to his self-understated wisdom of embracing change, taking the word "failure" out the equation, and using the world as a stage, which reflected the overall theme of humility and how it...
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AllPro Mindset – Episode 15

Doc and Coach spoke with M. Queeni Green, pastor, author, singer, and more.  We discussed faith, hope, and self compassion.  It was an inspirational conversation reminding us all that everyday is a new day to change paths and get ourselves on point....
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