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Paradelphia Radio: Scared Yet? – Ep. 92

January 19, 2016 Paranormal tales are never so real as when they’re told by the people who lived them. Such is the premise of “Scared?”, a truly frightening and engrossing new entry into the world of creepy podcasts. This week we talk with Phil Holmes,  award winning UK radio personality and host of “Scared?”.  Phil  gives...
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Paradelphia Radio: Hello From the Other Side, Ep. 91

January 12, 2016 Many people believe that the veil between life and death has never been thinner. Certain, special people have the ability to reach over and through this great divide and communicate with passed loved ones, guardian angels and spirit guides who influence our lives. One of these gifted individuals is our very own Jean Durkin...
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Paradelphia Radio – Wild One, Ep. 90

January 05, 2016 Paradelphia makes its debut on Wildfire Radio as show hosts Rick Prewitt, Doug Hogate, Jr and Jennabee Keen discuss how each first became interested in studying and investigating paranormal topics. Show regulars Mellie DeVault and Linda (Mama) Lopez chime in during open phone lines with their own haunted tales. Paranews includes stories of...
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Paradelphia Radio: Ghosts of Christmas Last, Ep. 89

"Although we've come to the end of the road.........."


And so we have. This, our 89th episode is also our last on Toxic Radio and we celebrate not only the end of another awesome year, not only the holiday season but also Toxic Radio itself. For 2 years we've grown along with Toxic Radio into a...

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