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Paradelphia Radio: Ghosts of Christmas Last, Ep. 89

"Although we've come to the end of the road.........."


And so we have. This, our 89th episode is also our last on Toxic Radio and we celebrate not only the end of another awesome year, not only the holiday season but also Toxic Radio itself. For 2 years we've grown along with Toxic Radio into a...

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Paradelphia Radio: Operating Theatre, Ep. 88

In the early 1800's monsters existed in America. All over the world, really. Conjoined twins, gigantic tumors, exotic diseases causing deformities so severe that those afflicted were rendered social pariahs. Enter into this world of misfits a doctor who was, by way of his unusual empathy, patience and genius, himself an anomaly. This week Cristin O'Keefe...

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Paradelphia Radio: Thrill of the Hunt, Ep. 87

Jeff Scott Cole, author of Ghostly Encounters: Confessions of a Paranormal Investigator stops by to talk about how he went from paranormal TV fan to full fledges paranormal investigator. Having explored some of the country's most notorious haunted locations, Jeff describes best practices, equipment and some of his most unnerving experiences. Paranews includes an ancient...

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Paradelphia Radio: Dream Team, Ep. 86

It's something we all do every night but rarely remember. Dreaming. What are dreams? Why do we recall so little of them? Do our passed loved ones really visit us as we sleep? Can you actually take control of your dreams while you're having them? This week we are joined by dream interpreter/Reiki master/artist Mary...

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