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Paradelphia Radio: The Bigfoot Bang Theory, Ep. 72

This week we're all about controversy. From wild news stories involving sex with Bigfoot and the reincarnation of Jesus to conspiracy theories about the moon landings, mysterious satellites and Ft. Knox the guys keep the insanity coming in one of our craziest episodes ever. Paranews and more!!


Toxic Radio

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Paradelphia Radio: Memos From Heaven, Ep.71

Over the past year psychic medium Jean Durkin has been a great friend of our show, answering the call on multiple occasions to come on air and give us her unique perspective based on her abilty to touch the other side. The week it's actually Jean who requested airtime so that she might get a...

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Paradelphia Radio: Hats Incredible!, Ep. 70

This week we're joined by Michael Menkin, webmaster of two websites dedicated to informing the public of the ever present threat of alien abduction. According to Menkin the nefarious ET's use telepathy before, during and after these abductions to control thier victims. The good news is that you can make yourself immune to these alien...

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