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4th and Go – Episode 115

That's my cornerback!! Roseman pushes all the chips in for the 2017 season and has us Eagles fans in a frenzy. We dissect the Darby deal and comb through the positives & negatives. We officially declare Dallas DOA after Zeke's suspension. Nola & Hoskins has us talkin baseball and we come out swinging with the...
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4th and Go – Episode 114

On Eagles preseason Eve, we get fired up over the birds match up with Pack. We reminisce over past early season pain the Pack has caused us with Bradfords 10 for 10 and Bryce Paup tearing up Randall's knee. Odubel has the Phils hot, and there is plenty of excitement around the young players getting...
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4th and Go – Episode 113

4th&Go opens with all your Eagles camp updates and debates whether Howie should be more aggressive in fixing the obvious hole at corner. We tackle Kaep's quest to get signed in Baltimore, and whether he should look for a home in Canada. The Phils are improving, we are quick to give Pete Rose back to...
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4th and Go – Episode 112

4th&Go opens up Eagles training camp with an epic collaboration with the Small Ball Lineup!! Expectations are high and the roster is taking shape as Barbre and Marcus Smith are shipped out. We hit the hardwood and try to get to the core of Kyrie Irving and the Cavs disastrous week that seems so Cleveland....
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