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EP 200: Nightmare in Big D & Big D-N

The crew celebrates 4th&Go's 200th episode with Special Guest Jack Ryan. They re-live the nightmare in big D and talk about Big D-N taking over the reins as the Eagles head to LA. The crew goes 4for4 like they always do. The Phillies have a new Outfielder who isn't Bryce Harper, but they are far from done...
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EP 199: Philly Sports Quick Hits & MFK Mascot Edition

Chris quarterbacks the PreShow with Special Guest Rich Leland in a hilarious half hour of Philly sports takes. They start with the Eagles, and everything is on the table from the coaching on both sides of the ball to the quarterback. The rage turns to the Sixers. Is Fultz is shopping answers and if there...
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EP 198: Do or Die in Dallas & Phillies Hot Stove

It's Dallas week and the season is the on the line. The crew discusses the keys that will lead our hometown Eagles to victory and its a clean sweep in our predictions for the defending Super Bowl Champs. We turn back the clock with our favorite Dallas moment of the rivalry. We weigh in...
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EP 197: Whoa Nellie! A College Football Tailgate & Carson’s Kegstand

Whoa Nelllie! Chris & Mark bring the tailgate to College Football! The boys talk about the playoff selection. Is the repetition what the fans want? Does Notre Dame deserve the shot over a 2 loss Georgia. What does UCF have to do outside of winning for two years straight to get a shot? We discuss the dilemma of the top...
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