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EP 218: Sixers After Boston & Phils Still Building

Embiid and the boys lick their wounds after the discouraging loss to the Celtics. We analyze everyone that has blood on their hands and starts with the coach but doesn't end there. We take some swings at Magic & LeBron for their unethical behavior. It's baseball time! No Harper yet, but the Phillies are still getting stronger...
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EP 217: Wentz/Foles by the Numbers

Now that the Wentz/Foles talk has simmered down, Chris and Mark take an analytical glimpse into what the future would look from a salary cap perspective. We look at who could be a cap casualty in 2019, and some critical players whose contract comes up in the next few years who we may not be able...
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EP 216: Sixers All-In; Flyers up to 8; SB Recap

It's lit on the Philly sports scene with the Sixers putting the NBA on notice. Brand's big acquisition of Harris gives the Sixers one of the best starting lineups in the East. Let's ship out Fultz now. The Flyers streak continues to 8 behind the young phenom in between the pipes. Somehow a fierce debate breaks...
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EP 215: MLB Rule Changes

Mark & Chris turn the page on football season and dive into the proposed rule changes in baseball. We debate over the universal DH and whether pitchers need to be held accountable. The minimal 3 batter rule and 20-second pitch might make the average traditionalist cringe, but it has these guys pumped to speed up...
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