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Birds Pulse Episode 5

Talking Eagles preseason and a big emphasis on Sam Bradford. Can he stay healthy? How excited are you? Vegas keeps moving the odds down, are you buying the Eagles as a Super Bowl Contender? We also talk ranking the Eagles and go through the schedule!...
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Birds Pulse Episode 4

Episode 4 covers everything from the last game and last week:  Suggs' hit on Bradford, Kendricks' extension, Eagles odds continue rising in Vegas, NFC East injuries, and more!...
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Birds Pulse Episode 3

Tonight's show really breaks down the the first preseason game, what we liked, what we didn't like.  Philadelphia believes the Eagles' hype, but it seems like Vegas does too.  Look ahead to Saturday's game agains the Baltimore Ravens and more!...
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Birds Pulse Episode 2

Talking everything Eagles. From open practice, to national coverage, we've got it here. National stories like Geno Smith, Brady vs NFL, and more! Also a nice look ahead to this week's preseason game and who needs to stand out....
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