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The Straight Shooters – Episode 18

This week on The Straight Shooters, Nick and Vaughn discuss the most recent Raw, with the birth of the new heel group, the League of Nations. Also, where was Kevin Owens? And what the hell is WWE doing with Tyler Breeze?
The guys also talk some NXT and WWE Network's banner week by introducing classic content...
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Birds Pulse Episode 18

Tonight we discuss the Thanksgiving Day Massacre, Chip Kelly's "Front Office Moves", and his future with the team.  We'll also take a look at the rest of this season...simply because we have to....
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4th and Go! Episode 27

4th & Go puts the 4 in 4titude as we examine all 4 struggling philly sports franchises. The Ghost has the Flyers back from the dead & Okafor is under fire for the beatings in beantown. We discuss all that and much more, including our NFL & NCAA 3 packs!! Only on Wildfire Radio!!...
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4th and Go! Episode 26

4th & Go fires away at Phillys sports scene starting whether the Eagles season is salvageable. We skate into the Flyers and Sixers future, and what stars give the city the hope they desperately need. Dont miss it. Only on Wildfire Radio!!...
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