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Taking It Deep With Thee Godfrey Episode 12

Its that time again as it is every Thursday 8 to 9 pm but with one HUGE change from now we go to 10pm every week now. That's right 2 FULL hours of taking it deep. We be talking NBA Finals taking on the PC police who were in hot pursuit of Mike Schmidt concerning...
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Made for Philly Episode 8

The guys from Made For Philly breakdown the potential interest in Jeremy Maclin. The Eagles talk continues with an interview of known Wentz hater DownwithDamon. Damon attempts to tell us why Wentz isn't worth the hype and why he is a Browns fan. The show caps off with a discussion on whether or not the...
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4th and Go – Episode 105

4th & Go cracks open an action packed show with an NBA Finals recap & why its curtains for the Cavaliers. The home crowd in Nashville is taking over the Cup finals & pulled the Preds back even. Should the Eagles bring back Mac? Should the Sixers stand pat? Whether it's reporters raisin'...

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