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The Straight Shooters Episode 16

This week, the guys talk about the most controversial angle of the year from this week's Raw with Paige and Charlotte. They also have Ric Flair's reaction to not being advised how that angle would play out, which completely changed Nick and Vaughn's perception of the angle.
The guys are also joined by Rasslin' Rock Radio's...
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4th and Go! Episode 25

4th & Go hits you from every angle discussing how the Birds can salvage the season Sunday. Get Eagles, Flyers and Sixers talk from these diehard fans perspective. Only on Wildfire Radio!...
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Birds Pulse Episode 16

In tonight's show we discuss the Dolphin game debacle, the Bradford/Sanchez situation, and who can make plays moving forward. Have you given up on Chip? Some of us have. Also, listen to drunk Chip tell the truth......
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The Straight Shooters Episode 15

This week, Vaughn once again joins the show from home, but also provides us with a fantastic interview with the Innovator of Violence and ECW icon, Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer talks about his own promotion, House of Hardcore, the future talent of wrestling, the past of wrestling and a whole lot more! Before that, however, the guys...
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