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Philly born Philly bread 4 for 4 phanatics. Bringing you our spin on the latest and hottest topics in Philadelphia sports.

Pattison Ave Phanatics – Episode 56

The crew comes together to discuss the Phils hot start, The Sixers seeming to fizzle out just before the playoffs and the Eagles off season moves thus far. All this and more on tonights Pattison Ave Phanatics Show.
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Pattison Ave Phanatics – Episode 55

The whole crew is in studio tonight to celebrate the Pattison Ave Phanatics Shows 1 year anniversary with wildfire radio and the fellas couldn't be more excited! An incredible weekend in philly sports will lead to some incredible sports talk tonight on the Pattison Ave...
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Pattison Ave Phanatics – Episode 54

Tonight on the program David Uosikkinen drummer and one of the founding members of The Hooters joins the fellas on the phones and of course the latest in philly sports tonight on the Pattison Ave Phanatics Show!...
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