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Shoetooth – Episode 142

Shoetooth Votes For Donovan McNabb, Swings For The Fences With Andrew McCutchen, Rebounds With Hall of Fame Lessons From 76ers Legend Charles Barkley 76ers Report Card Part II Forwards Build On Clutch Playoff Performances As Phillies Prepare For 2019 MLB Draft....
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Shoetooth – Episode 141

Shoetooth Live 76ers Report Card Part 1 Learns Championship Lessons From Hall Of Famers Phillies Defense Builds Momentum Adam Morgan All-Star Performance Complete NFC East Draft Rankings Archrival Dallas Cowboys....
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Shoetooth – Episode 140

Shoetooth Tips Our Cap Phillies David Montgomery Championship Teamwork 76ers Construction Of Process Now Complete Scout NFC East Rival Redskins 2019 Draft Selections....
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Shoetooth – Episode 139

Shoetooth Underdogs Eagles Undrafted Free Agents Roster of Champion Zach Brown 76ers Follow Jimmy Butler Lead Return To Form Phillies Get Live Line Drive Pitch Perfect Wire 2 Wire NFC East Giants Improving....
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