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Heat Ratio – Episode 55

Did the Eagles leave it all out on the field? Are you satisfied with the end result? Will Nick Foles forever live in our “Sea of Green?”

The Eagles didn’t come out on top, but they sure showed the heart of a Champion! This seems to be the theme for the Philadelphia Eagles who...

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Heat Ratio – Episode 54

What an opening playoff weekend in the NFL. The Eagles clanked their way to victory, while keeping the Quarterback untouched. The Seahawks forget their offense in Dallas led by another Schottenheimer. The Colts followed the direction of Mack and Old Man Rivers orchestrated another defeat. What will happen next?

On another interesting week in...

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Heat Ratio – Episode 53

The NFL Playoffs are upon us and the Eagles have done the unthinkable. After a slow start and a season full of inconsistencies, the Eagles have found new energy under Nick Foles, who looks to take them the Promised Land once again. Can they go into Chicago and pull off the unthinkable? Can Kahlil...

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Heat Ratio – Episode 52

As the NFL season continues on, the Eagles are rolling through the playoff scenarios week after week with the help of St. Nick. Should we be concerned with how smooth the team cooperates under Nick Foles? What is Carson thinking as he watches this play out? What will the team do moving forward?


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