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Heat Ratio – Episode 26

The Eagles are back on the field and their offense looks to be explosive once again. With the additions of Mike Wallace, Dallas Goedert, a healthy Darren Sproles and a 2ndyear Mack Hollins, could the Eagles exceed last year’s offensive explosion?

With every NFL Offseason comes an abundance of contractual oversights and minicamp holdouts....

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Heat Ratio – Episode 25

It’s the NBA Finals and the National Headlines begin with, “Bryan’s Burner Account.” This is a situation that is dragging on and needs to be handled. The draft is about 2 weeks away and precious time is being wasted. Should BC be fired? If so, who are the candidates to take over?

It looks...

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Heat Ratio – Episode 24

Just when you thought the National Audience was convinced the Sixers were for real, the stance has become tainted. With the recent Burner Account drama with the Colangelo name associated with it, have the Sixers become the laughing stock of the NBA? Will they now become a destination no one wants to visit?


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Heat Ratio – Episode 23

When the Phillies traded Jonathan Papelbon to the Nationals in 2015, did they realize what they were getting in Nick Pivetta? How good has he been and will it continue?

Has the art of base stealing been lost in MLB? From Rickey Henderson to Jose Reyes, base stealing has always been synonymous with the...

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