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Heat Ratio – Episode 70

A Kentucky Nightmare, Game of Thrones Takeover and Joel Embiid’s Unhealthy World

Is the health of Joel Embiid a concern for the Sixers moving forward? Is KD he best player in the world? Has instant replay ruined the world of sports? Was there ever a show on television that dominated the airwaves like Game...

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Heat Ratio – Episode 69

NFL Draft Rewind, Jimmy “Don’t Call Me James,” and Kawhi Leonard versus the World

Is Kawhi Leonard the best all-around performer we have seen since Michael Jordan? Can Kyler Murray defy the odds? Do the Sixers have enough to outlast the Raptors? Are the Celtics Back? Did the Cardinals draft the right guy at...

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Heat Ratio – Episode 68

Clutch Sports Performers, Green Jackets and Physical Recoveries

The art of a game-winning drive or a last second shot is something we all love to witness as sports fans. Taking that into account, who would you nominate as your clutch performer?

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