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EP 175: Pulling Back the Steel Curtain

Football season is on its way!!! The biggest story in the NFL is the Steelers failing to beat the hapless Browns while their superstar running back holds out over a few million dollars. What is Bell's value? Should he be paid as a Running back or an "Elite Offensive Weapon?" We discuss how the franchise controls the...
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Episode 180: A tribute to Seth

Tonight on Hit The Pit, we celebrated the life of our dear friend Seth Gainer who recently passed away. A huge part of the local music scene, we pay tribute by playing music from some of the bands he was in and some that he loved. Music from Dreams Of Demise, Paradigms, Towers, Cognitive,...
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Episode 16: The Warning

We discuss the draft, Justin and Nikki parading through Center City last Tuesday, and we expose swagga jackers from Wildfire Sports. #PODCASTWARS This week's episode is brought to you by Blue Chew and National Credit Debt Relief...
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