Ep 120 | Asuka’s Debut, Survivor Series Thoughts, Paid in Full & More | 10/25/17

This week, Nick, Vaughn and Brian talk about two of the biggest topics in WWE right now. First off, Vaughn gives his thoughts on Asuka's main roster debut and how it's been handled completely fine. No, WWE hasn't ruined her. Vaughn explains why he thinks that way and Brian and Nick give their thoughts, as well.
Later, the guys give a few of their favorite Survivor Series memories. Nick didn't finish his cereal, Brian recalls being with his family when The Undertaker debuted, and Vaughn leads into the end of the show with a debate on the Montreal Screwjob. Stay tuned to future episodes for more on that.
The show also begins with a tribute to the movie "Paid in Full," as its 15th anniversary just hit. Nick hasn't watched it, but has promised he will watch it before the next episode and give his thoughts. Meanwhile, Vaughn and Brian reminisce about one of their favorite movies.
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