Ep 121 | WWE Releases, Survivor Series’ Loss of Luster, Paid in Full | 11/01/17

This week, WHYY's Jay Scott Smith joins Nick, Vaughn and Brian to discuss the latest and greatest in the world of professional wrestling. 
First off, Nick gives his promised 'Paid in Full' review. Will it be enough to satisfy Vaughn and Brian? Tune in to find out. 
The guys then discuss the recent WWE releases of Emma, Summer Rae and Darren Young. Are there more releases coming? Where can those three go from here? Will they be back? Listen as the guys agree at least one of those releases can be back in WWE as early as next year.
Then they talk about the build to this year's Survivor Series. It's been one of the most highly-regarded pay-per-views since its debut in 1987, but the last decade-plus has really taken the luster off this specific event. Listen as the guys discuss what made the early years of Survivor Series special, as well as what WWE could possibly do to make this event better.
All that and more on this week's episode of The Straight Shooters!
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