Ep 129 | Women’s Rumble, Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan, XFL Returning? | 12/20/17

This week, the guys discuss the huge announcement from RAW, as in 2018, we will see history in Philadelphia with the first-ever women's Royal Rumble match. The guys talk about what this means for the women currently on the roster, possible future WWE signees, how WWE can round out the roster, among other things. Vaughn is a fan of making the match, but wasn't a big fan of how the announcement was made. Listen to find out why.
Nick wrote a piece on his thoughts on the Rumble match on his Medium page (www.medium.com/@picconenick), but listen to him delve into the topic on this week's episode.
Then, the talk shifts towards the thought that Shane McMahon actually is turning heel instead of Daniel Bryan, and what that could mean for the future of both of them. Will Bryan return to the ring eventually? The guys discuss the possibility.
The show ends with something we never thought we'd see again ... well, somewhat. Vince McMahon is interested in bringing back a professional football league? There's merit to the question, and the guys discuss what that could mean for not only the NFL, but other cities with professional sports teams that didn't have as many as when the XFL was in business. Will it be another failed venture for VKM? Listen as the guys discuss their thoughts.
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