EP 168: It’s Always Philly Versus Boston

The whole crew is back with another epic hour of sports talk to get your #WinningWednesday started off right. We review the recent struggles with the Phillies, Gabe's random lineups, and how to get Kingery comfortable. Dave is done with Odubel, but the debut of Ramos helped the Phils take down the BoSox.  The Eagles are in Boston gearing up for a Super Bowl rematch. It's only preseason, but it's still Eagles and Patriots. To get the bad blood boiling, we all chipped in with our most hated Boston sports athletes and Chris went waaaaaaaay back in a shocker. Mike gets angry with home depot and we update you on Dez Bryant's employment search. All that and more in this fun episode. If you are a die hard, Philly sports fan, this show is for you. Listen now, only on wildfireradio.com