EP 170: Phils Keep Falling, Little League Magic & Cleveland Curses

The crew comes in hot trying to find a winning formula for the fighting Phils. More Bour, less Nola? Dave and Mark try to convince Mike & Chris that Kapler would be better off resting their ace to avoid Scherzner. Chris digs up some slippery quotes that reveal Gaber's odd infatuation with coconut oil and it's multiple uses. Baseball brought the magic back with the Little League World Series game and we kick around the impact little league baseball had on us. Preseason is a little different when you are Super Bowl Champs. Tequila is still on the line as Carson Watch continues. We wrap up with our most memorable Cleveland sports event, and got everything from the Tribe's collapse to the missing fax in this hysterical episode. If you like sports and beer, the best podcast for you is right here. Download now and subscribe on Itunes/GooglePlay.