EP 172: Eagles Wentz Watch, Fantasy Football & Tiger vs Phil

NFL Football season is only 8 days away and Beth Caponigro joins us in this entertaining episode. Camp battles round out the preseason and we debate how much special teams will play into Doug's roster decisions. Chris has back up in Beth on the Foles front, as Mark, Marc and Mike still think the concern is a smokescreen and Carson will be under center for the opener. Who will replace Jeffrey and how big of a role will Sproles have in Alshon's absence? It's Fantasy Football season and we go over our likes and dislikes Fantasy brings us including collecting money and the relentless add droppers. Mark & Beth go head to head on the team names, and Mike showcases his promoter skills for the Tiger vs Phil PPV. These ideas are hysterical. Dont miss a single one. Make sure you download and subscribe now!