Winning the Super Bowl changes things. The draft os ONE WEEK away and it has been an afterthought. That changes on this episode of The Madness, as your Minister of Madness Rob Langi gives an extensive draft preview for your Eagles and the rest of the NFL. To do that though, he has called in the big guns for some help. First, Draft Machine and Guru from NDT Scouting and BGN Radio Benjamin Solak joins the program to talk about how he breaks down quarterbacks and what he expects the Eagles to be doing come draft weekend. Then, one of the best NFL Analysts in the game, Benjamin Allbright joins the program to talk about the rest of the NFL and the interesting storylines for the draft in Dallas.

Once the draft conversation is over, Rob will discuss the impending Game 3 for the Sixers and Heat and his irrational negativitity right now. See how he feels about the Sixers chances going forward. Don't miss the "This is Madness" segment as Rob has some fun, but also gets serious and controversial this week! Lastly, at the beginning of the show "Rob's Rant" will be the new introduction where Rob will rant about something in Philadelphia sports that needs to be discussed for a few minutes. This week: The Philadelphia Flyers as an embarassment of an organization! Embrace the Madness and check it out!!!