Episode 41: A new Era of The Madness with Jessi Towne; Marc Farzetta

Episode 41 took The Madness into a new frontier! No longer will Rob Langi have to be a solo Minister of Madness. Starting this week, Prosports.com member Jessi Towne is the newest Co-Host and will join Rob each and every week to break down the whats what in Philly sports and beyond!

This week, Rob and Jess take a spin around the Philadelphia sports world discussing the likes of the Phillies great start, what's next for the 76ers, and all of the news surrounding OTA's and the offseason for the Super Bowl Champion (still sounds amazing) Philadelphia Eagles. Also, to help move the conversation along, the new duo welcomes from WIP and NBC Sports Philadelphia Marc Farzetta to the show to add his input into everything!

Lastly, don't miss  the "This is Madness" segment with an epic rant from Jessi Towne on the NFL top 100 list, and Rob goes well off the reserve to discuss the royal wedding, laurel or yanni, and Boomerang pictures!! Tune in and as always EMBRACE THE MADNESS!