Heat Ratio Sports #74 – Carson Guaranteed, an NFL Round Trip, and Clowney to the Eagles at What Cost?

The Carson Wentz extension has finally become a reality and not everyone is happy about it. Do you think it was the right move for the Eagles?

As the NFL offseason continues to come full circle, there have been numerous storylines that keep us wanting to hear the sound of the first kickoff. What headlines interest you most?

On another interesting week in sports, Tony (@TCutillo23), aka Jigsaw, John (@PGHJohn36and Dave (@Coachdickson365) cover all the current topics, local and national, while going around the world of Sports to digest the various perspectives.

On this episode, they cover the above stories and touch on the following points….

·         NFL Sleeper Teams

·         NFL Disappointments

·         Eagles Looking at Jadeveon Clowney

·         NFL Predictions

·         RIP Bushwick Bill

·         Rap vs. Hip Hop

·         The Heat Ratio Battle Box…..and much more!

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