Just Grubbin’ Episode 34

You can listen to Episode 34 of The Just Grubbin Podcast Via Wildfire Radio.

HostsLaurenJamielBig AlMoLeer, and Bop.

Featured Locations & Events:

  • Louisiana Fried Chicken
  • Big Rube’s pop-up at Garage Fishtown- Philadelphia, PA

Featured News:

Other Featured Topics: 

  • Big Al’s “Top 3”
    • Favorite Halloween Candy
    • Worst Halloween Candy
    • Best Halloween Costumes that he has worn.
  • Leer’s segment was sponsored by Spunk Lube
    • What’s Back
    • What’s Not Back
    • Some of his hate for Wawa has officially been rescinded based on a free cup of water.
  • Bop’s blue cheese vs. ranch debate

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