Paradelphia Radio: Supernatural Supawna, Ep. 206

In 1880 death came to Supawna Meadows. Just a nook of wetlands tucked within the marshes and vegetable farms of deepest South Jersey the area was the scene of a smallpox outbreak that took the life of two 4 year old sisters and a man who was not related to them. Though this man, Charles Fowler, seems to be a bit more than a victim at least according to psychic/medium Jean Durkin. Jean and the rest of the Paradelphia Crew headed out to Supawna Meadows to follow up on a mystery that at first seemed like a ghost sighting or maybe a time slip. But.....what we found when we got there was so much more. This week we start digging into a story that is destined to become legend. A perplexing tale thats over 130 years in the making. Come along for the ride as we discuss the supernatural and possibly criminal goings on deep in the heart of Pennsville, NJ.