Paradelphia Radio: Wingmen, Ep. 128

Paradelphia Radio: Wingmen, Ep. 128

Angels……you’ve seen them depicted everywhere from Renaissance paintings to cartoons to religious texts to baseball team logos but are they real? This week’s guest, Rita Strough, psychic, reiki master, talk show host and owner/practitioner of Divine Being Spiritual Fitness Center says not only are they real but they’re with us all the time. She knows because she communicates with angels on a daily basis, both for herself and on the behalf of others. Also this week, its Halloween season again and that means a return visit from Lisa Rysinger, director of the annual Mullica Hill Ghost Walk which is getting set to kick off this Saturday. Lisa is here with all the ghoulish details!! Paranews includes stories of proof of life after death, exorcists in demand and more!!

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