Paradelphia Radio: Let’s Get Physicsal, Ep. 103

What does a cat in a box have to do with your dearly departed grandma and the possibility of multiple universes? If we’re asking a question like that it can mean only one thing…….she’s baaaaack! Joining us this week once again is the founder and lead investigator of Paranormal Xpeditions Rachel Hoffman to talk about the science behind spirit communication and how everything ties into the idea that we are living in just one of an innumerable number of parallel dimensions. Also joining us is Desirae DePrince, author of the “End Stage” saga currently playing out in the Original Fiction section of the Paradelphia website to discuss the future (or lack thereof) of the characters in her apocalyptic thriller. Paranews includes stories of a possible cloaking device for Earth, the missing skull of a literary giant, a Chinese theme park ride people are dying to try and more!!



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