Paradelphia Radio: Return of the Creatures, Ep. 109

Paradelphia Radio: Return of the Creatures, Ep. 109


Before Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee crept into our nightmares playing Dracula and the Wolfman on Saturday afternoon Creature Features legends of these fantastic monsters lived in the folklore of people from around the world. This week’s guest, author Varla Ventura gathers up various stories……some fiction, some first-hand accounts…..that make you take a second look and wonder if maybe…….just maybe the old wives telling these tales knew more than we give them credit for.  Then later in the show we put on our SCUBA gear and dive deep to discuss Varla’s most recent offering called “Among the Mermaids”. Recent years have seen these mythical creatures made into harmless characters in children’s movies and books but are they really as kind and benevolent as we’ve been made to believe……or do they have a hidden dark side? Speaking of kids toys Doug, Mellie and Jean talk about a recent JUMPS investigation involving a haunted doll and more!!



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