Paradelphia Radio: Thinking Of You…., Ep. 112

Paradelphia Radio: Thinking Of You…., Ep. 112


What came first……the chicken or the egg? Paranormal enthusiasts have their own version of this question. It usually goes something like this…….which came first…..the haunting or belief in the haunting? Robert Damon Schneck, author of The Bye Bye Man And Other Strange But True Tales stops by to talk about his latest collection of weird stories. Robert takes us through tales of ghostly raiders in 17th century New England, pesky hobgoblins in rural Kentucky and the aforementioned Bye Bye Man, a murderous, telepathic albino from New Orleans who has a nasty habit of taking eyes and tongues from his victims and using them to create a grotesque sidekick. The question is, do people experience the Bye Bye Man because he exists or does he exist because people believe in him? Paranews this week includes stories tattoo recognition software, human organs grown in pigs, an exosuit promising superhuman strength and more!!



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