Paradelphia Radio: Big Flat Liar??, Ep. 113

Paradelphia Radio: Big Flat Liar??, Ep. 113


Around the world. Across the globe. The Big Blue Marble we call home has inspired many nicknames and catch phrases to describe it. But… what if we’ve all been deceived all these years? What if the Big Blue Marble is really a Big Fat Lie? This week’s guest, John Davis of the Flat Earth Society says that’s exactly what’s happening and he has some scientific observations that just might back up the theory of our home planet being shaped more like a dinner plate than a marble. Paranews stories include skulls on Mars, a real life beast from Jersey and the world’s most ingenious excuse to get out of jury duty. Jean Durkin discusses last week’s gathering of psychics and mediums the Center for Relaxation and Healing in Plainsboro, NJ and more!!


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