Paradelphia Radio: Ghost Pepper Party, Ep. 117

Paradelphia Radio: Ghost Pepper Party, Ep. 117

Some weeks our shows are carefully planned and other week’s not so much. This week………not so much. But……oftentimes those unplanned shows wind up being the most fun and that was, in fact, the case again. We start out talking with April Purcell, a client of JUMPS, about a recent investigation in her home as well as the aftermath still affecting her family to this day. Then…..well…….we do news with a twist…….or more accurately put……with a nerd as Aubrey Lee from the PartyNerdz podcast ( stops by to sit in studio with us during Paranews. Not to be outdone we are then joined by the one and only Toxic Mike Francolino who describes both his recurring dreams of alien abduction as well as his recent bout with a ghost chili pepper (spoiler: the ghost pepper won!). Paranews includes stories about how the Dead Sea scrolls might just describe Noah’s Ark as a pyramid, possible anomalies found on the Moon, mental illness caused by demonic possession and more!!



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