Paradelphia Radio: The Good Witch, Ep. 120

Paradelphia Radio: The Good Witch, Ep. 120


For most people the term witch conjures up images of broomsticks, black cats, roiling pots of mysterious potions and, of course, hysteria in a sleepy little town of Salem, MA many moons ago. But this week’s guest, Brandy McNiss, is here to dispel those old clichés. A practicing Wiccan, Brandy describes how those old negative connotations got started and explains that the modern day witch…..or Wiccan……is about love, peace and connecting with the natural world in a positive way. We also discuss a new documentary called The Simulation Hypothesis that calls into question the very nature of reality and then goes on to back up the claims with scientific methods. Paranews includes stories of Goldie Hawn’s Ouija board experience, creepy clowns in Packer country and more……including a mysterious guitar playing ghost in studio during the show!!




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