Paradelphia Radio: On A Scale From One to Zen, Ep. 122

Paradelphia Radio: On A Scale From One to Zen, Ep. 122


Your car won’t start. The kids glued your entire collection of Lost DVD’s together while you were cleaning up after the dog who decided to go on a kamikaze mission in a kitchen trash can. That bill you thought wasn’t due till the end of the month shows up in the mail…….weeks overdue and payable immediately. We’ve all had those days when literally nothing goes right. This week’s guest Eden Kantrowitz says that if we just breathe, take a step back and re-adjust our attitude good things and better days will follow. Eden is owner/operator of A Moment of Zen, a shop that doubles as an oasis of calm in Salem, NJ that specializes in “expanding peace, love and consciousness”. A Moment of Zen runs workshops on everything from mediation to the power of healing crystals and is guided in large part by the philosophy learned in the lessons of Abraham Hicks, a collection of channeled non-corporeal entities teaching life lessons from the Other Side. Paranews includes stories of a zombie-like attack in Florida, England’s most violent poltergeist…….a recap of last weekend’s Monster-Mania Con in Cherry Hill, NJ and more!!



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